Learn the Language of your Loved Ones

As children of African parents, we know how frustrating it is to learn a language from a family member or to face the embarrassment that washes over us when we are unable to speak the language, especially when travelling to Africa.

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Client Testimonials

“I really enjoyed my Yoruba classes. The teacher was professional, informative and engaging. He definitely helped me to improve my Yoruba and he constantly challenged us in class! The materials are great”
Yoruba Student
“Great sessions with the teacher. I learnt Twi with Mr Jacob who is actually a headteacher in Ghana and you can tell he is. He is a great teacher, patient, extremely knowledgeable and even spoke about the root meaning of words.”
Twi student
“Really enjoyed my Swahili session with the teacher, Mr Otieno. He is extremely knowledgeable, patient and able to correct our pronunciation as we worked through. He challenges us in class and works at a great speed.”
Swahili student

About Us

Our SOAL team is the embodiment of a rich, vibrant & culturally diverse organisation. We truly represent the beautiful linguistically & ethnically diverse continent of Africa. 

Language brings people together, it breaks boundaries like no other & we have seen many people choose to start learning an African Language over the past 3 years.

No matter what the reason is, there is a reason for everyone!

Tell us what your reason is & we promise to assist you in reaching your goal.

Our Courses

Our curriculum has been carefully crafted to create a structured, consistent engaging space where learners leave our classes with confidence.

Group Sessions

Find your tribe! Develop and strengthen your language skills by developing new relationships in an encouraging and safe learning environment..

1-2-1 sessions

Get your pronunciation pitch perfect and sound like a native speaker with your professional native speaking teacher, who will guide you through each session

Intensive course

Speak the language in days rather than weeks, as you don't have time to forget what you have learnt. The quicker you finish, the quicker you can pick up another one.

Explore Africa! Workshops

Build a stronger community through our fun, interactive team building workshops. Engaging activities to suit all budgets.

Why Choose Us

Widest range of Languages to choose from

We are the only organisation with the range of African languages available.

Support our African Teachers

Our fantastic native speaking teachers are based in Africa.

Strong Links with UK Universities

We are helping students connect with their heritage and identity.

Welcome home

We want you leave feeling confident and comfortable speaking your language, just like at Home.

Which language are you looking for?

Have you been searching the web and looking for that particular language to learn? 

Schedule a call now and let us take away the stress..

Our Tribe

Have a quick peek at the organisations where our regular students are from..

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