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Group sessions

Learn in a structured online class, where you and and your tribe build on the foundations of your language. Confidently speak your chosen language in just 10 sessions. Choose to learn for 1 or go for 2 hours per week to reach that goal quicker. 

£145.99 per person

1-2-1 sessions

Control the speed of the lesson and really get the teacher to focus on key areas you desire to know more about. This will allow you to really grasp those little nuances that native speakers use in conversation. From zero to hero in just 10 sessions.

£229.99 per person

Bitesized sessions

Have complete freedom in learning when and where you want. You receive 5 of our awesome, 10 minute customised language session videos per month. Become a polyglot and sign up to learn as many bitesized languages on offer as you like.

Coming in 2023

Intensive sessions

Are you travelling soon or you want to learn as much as possible within a short space of time. Then this is the best option for you. We deliver a structured packed week of 10 language sessions for you and upto 4 others to get involved in those conversations, as quick as humanly possible, without missing out on quality.

£350 per person

Client Testimonials

“Mr Jacob is a great instructor in Twi. I have felt my ability grow over the past few sessions that I have had with him. I look forward to completing the course and actually having a decent conversation with my grandfather.”
SOAL Twi Student
“The one thing I enjoyed the most in class, were the times when we got our pronunciation wrong and you could just see it on the face of the teacher. My Yoruba teacher was fun and engaging and really taught us about the culture. Would definitely recommend”
SOAL Yoruba Student

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